Become an AI-Powered Marketer

Marketers are being asked to do more with less every day. AI can make this possible, but how? This course covers the most practical and immediate ways marketers increase productivity and success with AI. You'll learn how to level up your prompts and dive into core use cases for AI in marketing: strategy development, campaigns, and content creation. All the while, you'll take a peek into the AI tools and strategies top marketers are using today.

Who is this сourse for?

Marketers across all industries looking to use AI to save time and enhance productivity (and really, who isn't?). This course is appropriate both for absolute beginners and folks looking to deepen their understanding of AI use cases in marketing.

What you’ll learn

Polish your AI prompting skills and dig into the core use cases for AI in marketing: strategy, campaigns, and content creation. All the while uncovering surprising (even magical!) AI tools and tricks that can enhance your productivity and creativity.

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Michael Olaye

Michael Olaye

Currently the Senior Vice-President and Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation at R/GA, Michael has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, product, advertising, and technology industries. His skills include business development, leadership, operational and digital strategy, and technical direction.

Course Structure



Your host Michael Olaye give you a warm welcome to this course, as well as an overview of what it will cover.
1 video
2 minutes

Meet Michael

Before we dive in, take some time to get to know your host, Michael Olaye.
1 video
12 minutes

About this Course

This course will show both strategic and practical uses of AI in marketing. Learn how it works and how you can make the most of it.
1 video
1 minute

Lesson: How AI Works

How do generative AI models work? This lesson provides a brief history of artificial intelligence and how it evolved into the generative AI landscape we have today.
1 video
3 minutes

Special Invitation: Meet Michael in Person

Join Michael and other top AI experts for a live panel discussion on the future of AI and marketing: May 21st and 3pm EST.
1 video
0 minutes

Lesson: Prompt Engineering for Marketers

Learn how you can enhance your prompting skills to get the most out of generative AI models.
1 video
6 minutes

Walkthrough: Midjourney for Marketers with Tim Simmons

Midjourney expert Tim Simmons (Theoretically Media YouTube channel) shares his best practices for how marketers can prompt Midjourney to get on-brand images.
1 video
15 minutes

Case Study: AI and Personalization

Learn how the Nike marketing team leverages AI to understand their customers better and deliver delightful, personalized experiences.
1 video
4 minutes

Walkthrough: Developing a Marketing Strategy with Rafal Tromczynski

Explore Digital First AI, a tool that can help you develop a marketing strategy in minutes. (Available in Semrush App Center.)
1 video
11 minutes

Lesson: AI for Campaigns and Content

Learn five key ways top marketers are integrating AI with campaign and content creation.
1 video
5 minutes

Walkthrough: AI for SEO and Blogging with Alex Lindley

Alex Lindley, managing editor of the Semrush blog, shows us his favorite AI tools for SEO-friendly content creation.
1 video
12 minutes

Lesson: More Use Cases for AI in Marketing

Michael shares key steps you can take to integrate AI into your workflows and those of your marketing team.
1 video
4 minutes


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