How To Plan a Magnetic Content Strategy Using Semrush

Unlock the secrets of a compelling Semrush-driven content strategy. Learn to captivate your audience with strategic keyword selection, in-depth planning, and optimized content that acts as an irresistible magnet for increased website traffic and reader engagement.

Who is this сourse for?

This course is ideal for marketers, content creators, and business owners aiming to enhance their online presence. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced strategies, it caters to those eager to master Semrush’s Content Marketing toolkit for building a compelling content marketing strategy and driving sustained website traffic.

What you’ll learn

Learn to master Semrush for crafting a potent content marketing strategy. From pinpointing audience-engaging keywords to developing comprehensive keyword plans, leveraging trending topics, and optimizing content quality, the course ensures participants acquire the skills to attract, engage, and retain a dedicated online audience.

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Semrush Academy

This course was developed by a team of industry-leading experts at Semrush with diverse marketing backgrounds. They offer engaging, up-to-date content tailored to the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Enrolling in this course will equip you with the essential skills to thrive in today's digital world.

Course Structure


Series Intro

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a powerful content marketing strategy using Semrush’s content marketing toolkit. Elevate the quality of your content, ensuring your website becomes a compelling magnet for consistent engagement and traffic.
1 video
2 minutes

Content Research and Planning

Dive into an advanced workflow, mastering the use of tools like the Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Manager, and Topic Research for comprehensive content and topic research.
1 video
15 minutes

Content Creation and Optimization

In this lesson, you’ll put the research and planning from the previous lesson into practice by creating and optimizing high-quality content.
1 video
18 minutes
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