Leadership & People Management

Elevate your leadership skills with our course on effective people management. Gain a dynamic and practical approach to developing the skills necessary to lead teams with confidence and efficiency!

Who is this сourse for?

This course is designed for aspiring leaders and current managers who are eager to enhance their leadership skills and become proficient people managers. Whether you're seeking to advance in your career or excel in your current managerial role, this comprehensive program equips you with the essential tools and strategies to effectively lead teams.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how to set your team’s long-term vision, build goals, manage team compensation, deliver feedback to your team, run performance reviews, approach contingency planning, and much more!

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Matthew Howells-Barby

Matthew Howells-Barby

Matthew is an investor and entrepreneur: he leads, advises, and grows high-performing teams, including a $1mm+ ARR community business. By bringing value to the people, products, and services he's shaping the future of finance.

Course Structure



In this course, Matthew Howells-Barby, one of the co-founders of Traffic Think Tank, shares his processes, templates, and advice on how to be an effective leader. Whether you’re a brand new people manager or have several years of experience there should be something to take from this course.
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1 minute

Lesson 1: Building Your Team Vision, Goals, and Playbooks

Within this lesson, Matt walks through the process of conceptualizing your team vision and how this can be directly linked to the success metrics you hold your team accountable for. He also shares a full example template that you can use as a starting point.
1 video
9 minutes

Lesson 2: The DARCI Accountability Framework

This lesson provides insights on a clear framework and how it helps to assign varying degrees of accountability to individuals across an initiative based on their level of involvement. Without such a framework in place, a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities will occur, creating friction in the way your team works together and with other stakeholders.
1 video
5 minutes

Lesson 3: Creating a Team Operating Model

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the development of a team operating model. This is a simple document that you can share with your team to let them know all of the regular meetings that they’ll be a part of, some of the different channels for communication – as well as SLAs around response times, and all of the ongoing preparation required to make the meetings as productive as possible.
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5 minutes

Lesson 4: Direct Reports: How Many Are Too Many?

A common mistake that many new people managers make is conflating the number of direct reports they have with their perceived experience. Matt shares his thoughts on how you should think about the number of direct reports you have, as well as talking through setting your team structure up for success.
1 video
4 minutes

Lesson 5 : Managing Team Compensation

Within this lesson, you’ll be walked through how to approach creating a compensation framework for your team, the different ways you can make adjustments, and how to think about a wide range of different scenarios that come up with planning your team’s career growth.
1 video
11 minutes

Lesson 6 : Performance Reviews

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to structure your performance reviews with access to a downloadable template for your convenience. Explore techniques for gathering feedback and receive guidance on delivering both positive and constructive criticism effectively.
1 video
14 minutes

Lesson 7 : Managing Managers

While your managers will need a lot of the same things as your individual contributors, they’ll need significantly more leadership coaching. Within this lesson, all of the above is discussed and more, including the thoughts of Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation.
1 video
12 minutes

Lesson 8 : Contingency Planning

Contingency planning is a key part of any people manager’s ongoing responsibilities, but it’s not always easy to do it right. In this final lesson, Matt shares his template and offers a detailed walkthrough for conducting regular talent x-rays.This includes assessing attrition risk, evaluating loss impact, and devising a proactive plan to address any potential scenarios.
1 video
12 minutes
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