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At Terrier, we're not just another SEO agency. We're pioneers in seamlessly blending the powers of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the influence of modern marketing dynamics, particularly influencer marketing. With transparency, efficacy, and innovation at our core, Terrier is committed to propelling our clients to the forefront of their industries.

Unlike traditional SEO agencies, Terrier adopts a holistic approach. We don't just focus on optimising keywords or building backlinks; we integrate influencer marketing seamlessly into our strategies. Utilising our proprietary technology, we analyse millions of data points to craft bespoke strategies tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Transparency isn't just a buzzword for us; it's the cornerstone of our ethos. While other agencies cloak their fee structures in ambiguity, we believe in laying bare all costs associated with offsite content placement. Our clients deserve to make informed decisions, and we empower them with comprehensive insights into their competitors' strategies. This transparency extends beyond financial matters; it encompasses every aspect of our partnership with our clients.

We believe in hitting the ground running. Instead of prioritizing structural issues over content and authority building, we adopt a multifaceted approach from day one. By concurrently addressing structural nuances, optimising content, and bolstering authority, we ensure rapid and sustainable growth for our clients' digital assets.

Promises mean nothing without results. That's why we don't just make promises; we deliver tangible outcomes. Through meticulously crafted contractual obligations, we delineate clear, measurable milestones that we strive to achieve each month. Our success is measured not by the tasks we perform but by the results we deliver.

With the seamless integration of SEO and influencer marketing, our unwavering commitment to transparency, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Terrier is poised to redefine digital marketing. We are not just an agency; we're a partner in your digital journey, dedicated to propelling your brand to new heights of success and visibility.

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Cobalt’s conversion rate was poor yet the potential was most definitely there. Terrier was on hand to ensure that this potential was met. The steps that needed to be taken to help achieve this were:


Structural audit and content audit. Set up Google event tracking. Build an attribution model. Set up a multitude of animations. Build dozens of high quality links. Create a number of articles. Build out large FAQ area.


The main objective of following each of these steps were to predominantly improve the conversion rate to where Terrier believed Cobalt should be achieving. The results were a 83% increase in organic traffic and applications increased by 112% versus same period last year.


With Chi Chi starting to make tracks in a competitive sphere in the UK, it was time to turn their attention to branching out their products to a broader audience, more specifically, the US. With this idea presenting new challenges, it was time to prioritise what needed to be done in order transition


Launching the whole subdomain in the US. Creating 1000’s of corresponding HREFLANG tags across different URL structures. Developing an SEO spec to get a start on the whole project. Fresh content for the new US site. Fresh KW mapping to correspond with the US kw volumes. Extensive link-building


The results will begin to show and prove as to why it was only a benefit to the Chi Chi brand to expand their business to the US. Impressions increased 510.34% MOM (70.8K April-May) Clicks increased 461.81% MOM (3.58K April-May) Overall increased visibility for wedding dress terms across the board


As the West End’s authorised ticketing outlet, Official London Theatre were looking for greater visibility amongst prospective customers – especially amongst users outside the traditional theatregoer mould.


Terrier devised a targeted outreach campaign for Official London Theatre focusing on one show at a time. Influencers chosen based on Cost per Engagement, ensuring cost-effective coverage on Instagram or YouTube. In exchange for free tickets, influencers promote the show, benefiting both parties.


Results were based on a conservative estimate: 5.17% of influencers' followers viewed IG stories. Over 360k users saw tagged stories, with 10k likes on feed posts. YouTube content garnered 50k views. Actual impact may exceed this estimate.

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Talha Fazlanion
Jun 15, 2023

I have had a great experience working with Patrick and his marketing team. They take a very modern approach to online marketing by adapting and integrating the latest methods that work. Their influencer marketing is very well managed and so are their SEO services. I'd recommend Terrier over other marketing agencies in London, and I have experience of a good few.

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