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Exciting Update: Deadline for content brief submissions extended to July 1st!
  • Semrush Marketplace is closing on July 31, 2024.
  • New content purchases have ended February 1st.
  • Submit your last briefs by July 1st.
  • Have a paid subscription? No worries! Billing will stop, but you’ll keep all your features for free.
  • You will have access to your existing articles until August 1st.
Act Now: Take advantage of this extended opportunity to submit your final content briefs before the deadline!

Creative brief templates

Break the never-ending process of creating the same briefs. Complete your content brief template once and reuse it multiple times

Features List:
Brief Template Step by Step
Step 1.
Set up the name, language, and content length
Go to your brief template with one click, and name it the way you want. Select the content length from 500 up to 5000 words. Next, enter your domain’s URL so the writer gets to know your brand and messaging.
Step 2.
Choose your topic and tone of voice
Suggest how the topic you want will align with your content marketing strategy. Indicate a specific tone of voice - should it be funny, casual, enthusiastic? Or perhaps neutral, serious, or formal? It’s your call! Next, let us know the best way to address your audience - in the first, second, or third person.
Step 3.
Specify your intent, target audience, and strategic keywords
Set up a goal for your quality content - what actions do you want your audience to take after reading this article? Specify who exactly your target audience are - describe your buyer persona in the most detailed way possible. Next, indicate the keywords you want this article to rank for in the search results.
Step 4.
Power up your content brief with extra hints
To make your article spot on, point out any additional information - what the content creator should mention or avoid. Let us know who your main competitors are, so the writer can take a deep dive into their content and capture their weak spots. And finally - share some top-notch content examples that are your benchmark.
Step 5.
Save your template and streamline your content creation
Hooray! Your brief template is all set, and all you need to do is wait for the first article to come. From now on, you can use this saved template to order upcoming articles faster. To have it all under control, keep your brief templates grouped under relevant projects - according to themes, campaigns, or clients. You can also edit the template any way you want.
Discover Your Creative Brief Templates
Easy-to-fill template with essential elements of a professional content brief
Forget about searching the web for a gated “free” marketing brief template. No more constructing the form on your own. We’ve got that covered for you.
Create your template once. Come back to it over and over again
If your intent, target audience, and topic are pretty much the same, there’s no point in creating look-alike briefs from scratch. Save time with brief templates.
Ensure your content is aligned with your marketing goals
Short or long article? Casual or formal? Our writers adhere to the key characteristics of your brief with surgical precision, ensuring that your voice always remains consistent and unique.
Start Using Brief Templates Today
Save your time with content production
Going back to a blank page or an erased template every time you want to create an article brief can be frustrating. Get rid of the repetitive work and save your content brief as a template instead, allowing you to order several pieces around an overarching theme.
Be on the same page with your team
If you need anyone from your team to take over and place an order for one or more articles on a particular topic, the ground rules are already in place. Right there in a saved brief template. And, if they want to adjust it to a specific order, they can play around with keywords, topics, or languages!
Your order vs. received content? Bull’s-eye!
With our brief templates, you can make sure your article is precisely what you needed. By specifying your keywords, your brand voice, and the action you want your readers to take, the writer will easily be able to put themselves in your shoes. No misconceptions or misunderstandings - just sticking to a clear plan.