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Exciting Update: Deadline for content brief submissions extended to July 1st!
  • Semrush Marketplace is closing on July 31, 2024.
  • New content purchases have ended February 1st.
  • Submit your last briefs by July 1st.
  • Have a paid subscription? No worries! Billing will stop, but you’ll keep all your features for free.
  • You will have access to your existing articles until August 1st.
Act Now: Take advantage of this extended opportunity to submit your final content briefs before the deadline!

White-label content

Order content that will be entirely yours.

Features List:
Our White-Label Content Writing Services
100% White-Labeled Content
ALL content Semrush Marketplace delivers is absolutely unique and fully anonymized.
White-label content approval links
Is the article or ebook ready to be shared with other teams or clients? Send the white-label content link to all the stakeholders to learn if the piece resonates with them or not. Start gathering feedback to put the finishing touches on the work.
Have-it-All Platform
With Semrush Marketplace functionality, you can manage all your white-label content in one place: organize all of a client’s content into one single project, manage the project queue, invite clients to review it via a white-label link, and more.
Why our White-Label Content Service?
Great Content. No strings attached.
Semrush Marketplace doesn’t take credit for any content it delivers–you own all content, forever. You can resell it, publish it on any media, use this content for any intent, distribute it across various channels–all under your or your company name.
Content Expertise to Scale Your Business
With Semrush Marketplace, you can expand the range of services you offer. Say, you or your agency are doing SEO, design, or branding, adding a content writing service will help you create more value for your customers and increase your revenue.
Content Experts Available at Any Time
At Semrush Content Marketplace, we’ve brought under one roof all manner of subject experts from various industries, domains, and niches. There’s no more need to go looking for experienced writers, negotiate rates, onboard, and manage–we’ve already done all that for you!
Pay As You Go
Regardless of your content project’s complexity and volume, you and your company are not bound by contracts, monthly/annual package plans, or any other obligations. You can scale up or down your order amount with us whenever needed.
Who is the White-Label Content Service for?
For digital marketing enthusiasts whose clients may potentially benefit from support in content production.
Digital Agencies
For managers who are running an agency that offers design, branding, and SEO/SEM/SMM services. Expanding your offering with content writing services will help you increase your recurring revenue and diversity expertise.
Marketing and Content Teams
For teams who are working at full capacity but still lack copywriting resources and expertise in certain areas. With white-label content writing services, you can scale your team without increasing its headcount and reduce the risks of staffing overheads.