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Olivia Mae Hanlon
43 minutes

How to Break into Marketing with No Experience: AMA with Olivia Mae Hanlon

So, you want to work in digital marketing but are unsure how to land your first job? Where do you start? How do you get that first interview? If this makes you panic and pull up every job board you can find, don’t worry – in this personal AMA (Ask Me Anything), Olivia Mae Hanlon will tackle all the thorny questions keeping you up at night.
Adam Riemer
9 minutes

How to Write Cold Emails That Get Responses

In this lesson, Rita Cidre (with the help of Adam Riemer) shares some tips on how to make the best first impression when sending a cold email. You'll learn the best language to use, what NEVER to say when pitching your idea, and see examples to guide you on your way. Your turn to write is coming up soon!
Social Media
Lara Acosta

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn - Expert Tips You Need to Know

In this lesson, Rita Cidre sits down with personal branding expert Lara Acosta to learn the best practices to make your LinkedIn stand out, from banner design to catchy headlines. This video will help you get over your fear of LinkedIn "cringe" and start optimizing your profile today.
Semrush Tools
Rita Cidre
2 minutes

Semrush for Education - Video Instructions

Are you a student who wants to be onboarded into the Semrush for Education program without technical difficulties? Rita Cidre, the Head of Semrush Academy, will guide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account, activate the promo code, and dive into the Program.
How to relaunch a high-ranking website
Semrush Tools
Andy Crestodina
7 minutes

How to relaunch a high-ranking website

If your current website ranks high and gets traffic from search engines, the idea of a website redesign can be terrifying. Enter: Andy Crestodina. After relaunching 100+ high-ranking websites over 20+ years, he shares his own website redesign SEO best practices in this exclusive Semrush lesson. Uncover the strategies you need to protect or even improve your website's rankings during a relaunch.
Brian Dean
7 minutes

How to Get Data On Competitive Traffic (AKA GA4 for Competitors)

Get data on your competitor's traffic sources like social media, email, news sites, blogs, and more. Replicate competitor strategies and drive more traffic to your website.

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