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Real Connection Media: Driving Results Through Compelling Online Customer Stories

In today's digital realm, narratives play a pivotal role in building brand loyalty and driving results. Every online interaction—a like, comment, or share—reflects an unfolding story that resonates with the audience. Real Connection Media stands at this juncture, crafting narratives that bind businesses and customers.

Narratives that Yield Results

The digital sphere is saturated with content, making authentic connection paramount. We understand this, diving deep into the essence of your brand and meticulously designing campaigns that echo your values, ensuring they aren’t just seen but remembered.

Holistic Digital Services:

  1. Web Design: Your website is more than a digital footprint; it’s a storyteller. We make it both user-friendly and engaging.
  2. SEO: We ensure your compelling stories reach a broader audience, amplifying visibility.
  3. Social Media Marketing: We weave engaging tales that foster community and drive engagement.
  4. Paid Ads: Our targeted strategies amplify your brand’s voice, optimizing ROI.
  5. Graphic Design: Visual narratives crafted for consistency and appeal.
  6. Video Production: Evocative video content, turning viewers into loyalists.

Integrating mediums like web, video, and social media, we offer a comprehensive approach, ensuring consistency and a wider reach. Our commitment goes beyond campaigns; we prioritize building and nurturing relationships.

Commitment to Excellence

Professionalism and creativity fuel our approach. We delve into your unique needs, ensuring each project is tailored to drive optimal results. Real Connection Media believes in igniting emotions to inspire actions. We harness the power of emotion-packed stories, turning passive viewers into active participants, and ultimately, loyal customers.

Real Connection Media thrives on forging genuine online bonds that result in tangible success. Our focus remains on impactful customer stories that not only echo in the digital space but also in the hearts of the audience. Partner with us to navigate the digital terrain with narratives that drive results.

Budget per project
$2,500 - $25,000+
Project duration
  • Any
Obszar geograficzny
  • United States
  • Angielski
  • Hiszpański
Historie sukcesu


The original Capital Rivers website had zero visibility and only ranked for a handful of keywords not related to their business. Ranking was so poor they didn’t rank for their name. The site design lacked engaging content and calls to action to help convert website traffic


Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, including the analysis of existing content, website structure, and competitor analysis. Identified high-value keywords relevant to CRC's business. Worked with the client to create all new engaging web content for better conversion rates. Created a blog strategy.


Went from a handful of low ranking non-related keywords to over 1,300 relevant keywords with 26 keywords alone on page one of search results. From 0 users a month organically to 613 at the peak. Note: Commercial real estate is not a high volume industry like retail would be.


The original Peninsula Building Materials (PBM) website had the worst visibility for their top keywords, resulting in minimal organic traffic. The site design was outdated and lacked engaging content and effective calls to action, which hindered the conversion of website visitors into customers.


Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, analyzing existing content, website structure, and competitors. Identified high-value keywords and created engaging web content, including landing pages and blog posts. Developed a robust blog strategy to regularly publish high-quality, targeted content.


PBM now ranks for over 2,000 high-value keywords, with 9.25% visibility, outperforming competitors. Increased organic traffic from zero to over 5500 users per month at peak. Improved engagement rates from the low 50% range to high 80% range, significantly boosting online presence and growth.


Emigh Ace Hardware needed a comprehensive digital transformation to enhance their online presence, increase website traffic, and improve user engagement. The existing website lacked optimization and engaging content, and their YouTube channel was underutilized.


Developed optimized website and created YouTube videos, including product demonstrations, employee highlights, new product features, and how-to guides. The YouTube channel was optimized, and a strategy was implemented to post blog articles featuring the videos on the website and social media channel


Our efforts brought in over 26,000 new users to Emigh Ace Hardware's website over the last year, with a 78% engagement rate via organic search rankings. Emigh's keyword visibility reached over 16%, outperforming the second-place competitor, Home Depot, which had 9% visibility.

Nasi klienci
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Peninsula Building Materials rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Presence Wellness Center & Spa rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Tauro Capital Advisors Inc. rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Camellia Waldorf School rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Emigh Ace Hardware rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy
Agencja Real Connection Media Inc. (lokalizacja: Colfax, California, United States) pomogła firmie Capital Rivers Commercial rozwinąć działalność poprzez działania SEO i marketing cyfrowy


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Blinking Redlightna
Jun 3, 2024

We are absolutely delighted with the excellent service offered by our website builder. They designed a beautiful website from the scratch that is not only optimized for all screen sizes but also loads very fast. They have helped us in optimizing our website for search engines and the result has been increased traffic and better user experience. This was true in every aspect of the site, and their commitment to our project was evident in their attention to detail. We definitely recommend their services to anyone who is in search of an excellent website builder.

Alex Derevyanchukna
Jun 3, 2024

I’ve been working with Real Connection Media for almost a year now. Brian has been amazing. He is very knowledgable, professional, and basically knows what he is doing. He helped revamp my site and since then weve been working together to increase my domain authority. I’ve seen the progress and results with my own eyes. Give him a call and you won’t regret it.

Wayne Naderna
Jun 3, 2024

Real Connection Media has done an amazing job of coming in and quickly assessing the needs for my political campaign. Within days they had a detailed proposal to give my campaign broad exposer on multiple platforms. In close coordination with us, they effectively implemented the strategic plan that they had developed. I have been impressed by the depth of their talents and resources to accomplish our objectives. For anyone seeking assistance in messaging in the multi-media world, I would highly recommend Real Connection Media.

Christine Flockna
Jun 3, 2024

Brian has been great to work with. He completely re-did our website, and is now helping us with SEO. The new website is 1000x better than the old one and we’re excited to see SEO start to help generate more leads over the next few months.

Steve Muellerna
Oct 20, 2023

Brian has been the Marketing arm of Built Environment Inc. for 3 1/2 years. I had him build my website and currently have him optimizing it for areas of the construction industry that I want to service. His attention to detail and understanding of how to drive traffic too my web site has keep my crew and I very busy. I would recommend Brian to folks staring out of as a part of your current marketing team.

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