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SplitSignal Ongoing Technical Consulting

SplitSignal Ongoing Technical Consulting

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a trusted advisor or coach for a customer. A CSM ensures that a customer is getting the most out of their SplitSignal investment. See some examples below:

  1. Provide product training
  2. Provide test ideas (i.e. tests which similar customers have run)
  3. Assist customers in building and launching tests in the platform
  4. Helping customers read the results of their tests
  5. Provide basic templates for proving ROI and creation of a testing plan
  6. Receive customer feedback on how the software or a process could be improved

To get the most value out of SplitSignal, customers often ask for tests that they should run on their domain(s). While a CSM can provide you with anonymized versions of what other customers have run or provide feedback on your test ideas, a CSM does not have the knowledge required to create extremely effective tests on their own. This is where an Agency Partner comes into play.

An Agency Partner is an agency that is certified in split testing with SplitSignal. You can see them here.  They provide services like the following at an additional cost:

  • Create custom tests for customers based of the outlined SEO strategy and previous experience
  • Providing detailed reports in addition to those already available in SplitSignal
  • Create advanced testing plans
  • Provide an option for more advanced tests (i.e. advanced schema marke-up tests)
  • Provide other services related to the general SEO of the website (depending on agreed SOW between agency and customer)

If you like to know more about signing on with an Agency Partner or are looking to run a SplitSignal Pilot, please reach out to

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