Digital Advertising 101

Master the art of building a digital advertising strategy in this comprehensive course. Set objectives, profile your audience, analyze competitors, choose effective channels, create resonant content, allocate budget, and diagnose underperformance.

Who is this сourse for?

Tailored for marketers, business owners, and advertising enthusiasts, this course enhances your skills in crafting effective digital advertising strategies. Ideal for beginners seeking fundamentals or professionals aiming to elevate their strategic approach, this course offers valuable insights to navigate the dynamic digital advertising landscape successfully.

What you’ll learn

This course offers a comprehensive understanding of crafting impactful digital advertising strategies, covering objective setting, audience profiling, competitor analysis, channel selection, resonant content creation, budget allocation, and performance diagnosis.

By the end, you'll be able to strategically design and implement effective digital advertising campaigns.


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Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen is the founder of Digital Agency Exposure Ninja. Tim fell in love with search whilst his first Google ad campaign way back in 2006, when search marketing was super easy! After starting his career as a professional drummer, Tim built a website for his next door neighbour which did well, and ended up building dozens more websites for tradespeople. After writing a book about the process he was using to promote these websites on Google, Tim started Exposure Ninja and grew it to a team of 100. Today, Exposure Ninja works with clients around the world doing paid advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, web development and email marketing. Tim is also the host of the Exposure Ninja digital marketing podcast and the Exposure Ninja YouTube channel.

Course Structure



In this course, Tim will provide a comprehensive overview of digital advertising, delving into the intricacies of paid channels, retargeting strategies, lead generation tactics, and the keys to customer retention. By the end of the course, you'll possess all the essential tools to craft a winning digital advertising strategy.
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1 minute

Lesson 1: Goals of Digital Advertising

This lesson covers diverse aspects of digital advertising—paid channels, brand awareness, and strategies for remarketing, purchases, lead generation, and customer retention. It sets the stage for a deeper exploration of specific ad types in the next lesson.
1 video
24 minutes

Lesson 2: Types of Digital Advertising

This lesson provides insights into various digital ad channels—search, social media, display, programmatic buying, and video ads. You'll learn about their characteristics, effectiveness, and ideal applications.
1 video
28 minutes

Lesson 3: Advertising CPM & Other Metrics

In this lesson, you'll delve into key digital advertising metrics such as CPM, CPC, Conversion Rate, and ROAS. You'll develop a comprehensive understanding of measuring and analyzing campaign performance, beyond numerical metrics.
1 video
17 minutes

Lesson 4: Competitor Research

In lesson 4, you'll dive into competitor research, understanding the significance of analyzing the competitive landscape. You'll gain insights into competitors' strategies, ad styles, targeting, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity.
1 video
16 minutes

Lesson 5: Creating Your Digital Advertising Strategy

In this final lesson, you'll learn how to create a powerful digital advertising strategy. From setting clear objectives aligned with business goals, identifying and understanding your target audience, to selecting the right channels and crafting compelling ad content, this lesson guides you through the essential steps.
1 video
25 minutes
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